Premier Fleet Repair

Premier Fleet Repair is a fully licensed & insured repair facility for your complete repair and maintenance needs. From semi trucks and trailers to farm equipment we do it all. Oil changes to complete overhauls we do the job with excellence.

Preventive Maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance programs (tracking and assuring proper PM’s get done on time)
  • Maintenance inspections (identifying problems before they become costly repairs)
  • Filter & fluid replacements (changing filters and fluids according to the PM program)
  • Oil analysis (collecting and analyzing oil samples to prevent power train damage)
Maintenance & Repair

Semi truck repair in Michigan
General chassis repair
(repairing identified items found by the PM inspections)

Brake & clutch repair
(identifying normal wear parts and repairing before major damage occurs, along with brake and clutch replacements)

Engine & electrical repair
(major and minor engine repairs & electrical malfunctions)

Hydraulic repair
(repair of hoses, rams, control valves, lift gates, etc…) Auxiliary power units (pony motors, pumps, PTO, generators, etc…)

Welding & Fabrication
  • Frame & bed repair (repair identified cracks or breaks in frame; bed or accessories)
  • Truck equipment (installation & fabrication of truck equipment of all types)
  • Custom service equipment (fabrication of custom equipment, including up–fitting or retrofitting)
  • Aluminum welding and fabrication (all types)
  • Painting & body restoration (body restoration and appearance upkeep)