About Us

About our team

The team of transportation specialists at PTI Logistics, Inc. and PTI Dedicated Services are committed to professional service.

PTI Logistics, Inc.’s and PTI Dedicated Services mission is to deliver shipments for all of our customers with the idea that a satisfied customer is a returning customer. We do not want to just ship our customers products we desire to get to know our customer and find ways to assist in making your job a little easier.

What to Expect

Straight Answers
We believe it is important that we give straight answers. You deserve to know the truth about your shipments you trust us with.

Committed Service
We are committed from the time you make the call to us to make sure your schedule is met. We keep you posted right to the time of delivery.

Wrapped in Integrity
We operate in integrity because you the customer deserve to be respected and treated in a professional manner.